Learning Space

1 st Floor  

KLINICS 4 is a collaborative space for helping users to do activities. We have active-classroom zone
which is open for anyone to learn in a modern way and be able to share ideas with others.
There is also an open theatre zone for students who want to create platforms for either academic
or entertaining purpose. Various activities are provided for encoraging leadership skills for students.
Besides, there is charging zone for those who want to relax by playing piano, playing chess or having
some soft drinks.

KLINICS1 is under the concept “A Home Away from Home for Learning” including 5 zones as follow :

K-Knowledge provides information service about news and activities.
M-Multimedia provides vcd/dvd movies and internet service.
U-Update provides internet for checking e-mails, news and information
T-Thinking provides serenity for thinking and study
T-Tutoring provides space for discussion and learning


KM Stand
KM Room

KM Room provides tutoring with digital board and the close space for discussion.

KM Stand provides glass boards for tutoringand the open space for discussion.