Research support tools


A reference manager that used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays, reports, and articles.


Download Endnote for
Download Endnote for
Remark: Licensed software for KMUTT staffs and students which using  the same login and password as KMUTT’s email/Internet from the computer center. (You must in the name list of the student registration database or the human resource development department of the university with normal status and  not expired)
Subscription Period:  Dec 31, 2022 – Dec 30, 2023

Turnitin request service

an Internet-based plagiarism detection service. To support better writing – from preventing plagiarism and ensuring originality and authorship. 

To ask librarian for instructor’s account or student’s submission paper
Remark: – Librarian will contact you via email within 1-2 business days .
                      – Service for KMUTT Staff and Student only.
Subscription Period: Apr 1, 2023 – 31 Mar, 2024